Environment Committee Tree Guard Program

The DCCA tree guard program provides for pooling community-buying power in order to obtain the guards at the best possible price. The design, developed by Trout Design Studio, meets city specifications and has been approved by DCCA's Environment Committee and by DCCA's Board.

DCCA, in order to encourage installation of the guards that both protect trees and improve attractiveness of the community, will provide $100 rebates to Dupont Circle Citizens Association members under this program. The fabricator is offering a special DCCA member price, which includes installation, for tree boxes 10 feet wide or less. 

There are marginal increases over this fixed rate for DCCA tree fences larger than 10 feet.

For more information visit troutdesign.com/treefencing.html.

Posted on April 25th, 2008 at 2:39pm

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