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40 Years of Pride in Dupont

In the eyes of Scoop AKA Phil Carney

Dupont Circle remains the heart, soul and center of a now widely scattered and diverse LGBT community spread out over the entire DMV metro area.

Strictly speaking, Dupont Circle has never been a gay neighborhood.  It has for many decades been a neighborhood that welcomes everyone.  If you want to live and belong here, then you belong and you are welcomed.  That open and accepting attitude has made our neighborhood a great place to live for LGBT and straight people.

Years ago, then Dupont Circle Citizens Association President Marge Young and her husband hosted an ongoing dinner for neighbors after the Pride parade.  Maybe 20 people came and went with 8 to 10 people at a time sitting around their table over 4 hours.  Everyone had watched the parade.  Only later did I realize that out of the 20, only 3 were gay.  Pride Week is not just for LGBT people, it is a celebration for all people of acceptance, respect and diversity.

Pride celebration in DC was originally started 40 years ago by Deacon MacCubban as a small simple block party in Dupont Circle.  It then became a larger festival, then a parade and festival.  Today we have more events than I can keep track of throughout the week, the parade is sponsored by Marriott on Saturday around Dupont Circle and the festival is sponsored by Hilton on Sunday on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, with the US Capitol for a backdrop.  There are over 60 corporate sponsors this year.  Last year for the first time, the parade was led by an official US Military Color Guard and as a gay veteran that means a lot to me.

I do miss the simpler and more relaxed neighborhood block party.  But Deacon and our neighborhood did start something that has surpassed everyone’s expectations.  To quote from part of the letter sent to this year’s Pride committee by President Obama:

“Over the past few decades, we have seen enormous progress thanks to brave Americans who have come out, spoken out, and marched for a more compassionate, more inclusive, and more equal Nation.  As you gather to celebrate love for being love and people for being who they are, let us each recommit to raising our voices against intolerance and striving to ensure all people enjoy the dignity and protections they deserve.  As our Nation continues its journey toward becoming a more perfect Union, you have my best wishes for a wonderful celebration.”

It has been an awesome journey.

Visit our Facebook page to view photos from the 2015 Capital Pride Parade.

Fight Graffiti Vandalism and Keep our Dupont Neighborhood Beautiful

Graffiti vandalism is a major problem in our Dupont neighborhood and the District of Columbia. If not removed, graffiti is a visual blight; reduces property values; increases criminal activity and gives the impression to residents, businesses and visitors that we do not care about our neighborhood.  Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life for everyone in our neighborhood.  The best way to fight graffiti vandalism is prompt removal and, if needed, continual prompt removal. 

The DC government will remove or paint over graffiti vandalism on public space or private property.  Simply call 311 and provide a specific address.  To clean private property, the building owner’s permission is required before cleaning.  311 can provide the required private property permission formThe signed form must be faxed to (202) 645-5392.

Graffiti includes paint, gummed labels and pasted paper.

If you have any questions or want experienced graffiti fighting neighbors to help remove or paint over graffiti vandalism or want to help DCCA fight this neighborhood blight, please call Phil Carney at 202-462-2776.

Why You Don’t Have To Watch Where You Walk

Because of all the dog poop, it was a challenge to walk on Dupont sidewalks when I moved here 37 years ago.  Walking remained challenging for the next 15 or so years.  Then DCCA President Marilyn Groves met a neighbor on the sidewalk.  The neighbor had a new and very large puppy.  The woman joked about how big the puppy would become and how much poop he would produce when grown.  Then they talked about what a serious problem dog poop was.  Dog poop was a nuisance to avoid stepping in, but also as a public health hazard since rats eat dog poop and that spreads diseases.

Everyone complains about problems.  A community activist complains about a problem and then looks for a solution and then implements a solution.  Marilyn’s solution was to ask a local artist to design a sign.  The artist wanted to soften and lighten the “Scoop Your Pet’s Poop” message so she drew a white dog with a pooper scooper and a dog tag that reads, “Scoop.” Department of Public Works regulated public space signage then and they granted permission for the signs to be posted in public space.  DCCA produced the anodyne aluminum signs and sold them at cost. 

The original sign read, “$50. fine.”  DCCA was instrumental in making those signs out of date by successfully lobbying to raise the fine to $100.00.  The current signs read, “Be Considerate, It’s the Law.”  The signs made a significant difference in reducing dog poop and keeping our sidewalks clean.  

Next Chapter: A later DCCA President, Marge Young, had an idea that was too embarrassing to tell anyone, so she called me. 

Phil Carney

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Volunteers Needed to Maintain Neighborhood Parks

Supporting Our Community

DCCA Community Grant Applications
DCCA makes grants from funds raised by the annual House Tour for the activities and projects of local organizations that further DCCA’s mission. Examples of recent DCCA grants include those to neighborhood organizations that serve individuals who are homeless or have mental illness, such as Charlie’s Place and Green Door, grants for programs and events to Dupont Circle Village and Dupont Festival, and a grant to the Ross Elementary School PTA for playground equipment.
DCCA’s Community Grants Policy and Grant Application Form are now available on the DCCA website. Applications for grants to support an organization’s ongoing activities are due by December 1st for consideration for funding at the Board of Director’s meeting in January.  Organizations may also submit grant applications for one-time events or needs throughout the year. The Board will act on such applications on a rolling basis, with decisions typically provided within two months.

Community Programs

Right Tree Right Place Program - Request Your Tree!

Casey Trees is offering 250 trees on a first come first serve basis to District of Columbia homeowners through its "Right Tree Right Place" tree planting program.

You can request up to two trees and schedule a consultation visit with Casey Trees to ensure that the optimal trees and planting sites are chosen for your property. Casey Trees then will plant your selected trees during the spring or fall planting seasons. There is a $50 co-pay per tree payable to Casey Trees ($250 value per tree for consultation and planting), which is required prior to planting.

For more program details, please read the Right Tree, Right Place Program fact sheet. This pilot is open to District residents only.

Click here to request your tree.

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